Creator & Ceo

Quiera Noelle

My Story

My traveling lifestyle isn’t something that happened overnight. I was lucky enough to begin exploring the world with my family at a very young age. Fast forward to 2021. I’ve traveled to many countries and as of today, I’ve now lived in three. Travel changes you. It makes you more aware of who you are and it opens you up to infinite possibilities. You experience incredible places, learn about different cultures and meet the most amazing people.  I believe it is something everyone should experience. That’s why I created It’s my intention to inspire millennials to live and work abroad. Like many millennials, I had a lot of expectations when I graduated college. I believed I would land the perfect job after I graduated from college. Well, so much for expectations. 


Like many of you, I was feeling frustrated and stuck in unfulfilling jobs. I knew I needed a change, I also knew that I wanted to travel. I’d lay in bed at night scrolling through my Instagram dreaming of living in exotic destinations.  I wanted to take the leap but knew I would have to find a way to support myself.  That’s when everything clicked, and my idea became a seed that I would grow. I made a plan so I could create the travel lifestyle I was planning. I took my first step and pivoted from a desk job into education, and I am so glad that I did. 


I knew I had a passion for educating young learners, I wanted to help others, and I knew I wanted to see the world.  I decided I would utilize teaching as a way to get me started.  The moment I said, “I’m going to be a teacher, and I’m moving abroad”, the seed was planted. Everything was in motion and my seed was about to break open.  A year later I was living in and exploring beautiful Chiang Mai, Thailand and my seed was in full bloom. That was just the beginning!

If living and working abroad is on your mind, I highly recommend you take that leap! It’s fully possible even during the existing pandemic. I am here to encourage and guide you in the right direction.